Randolph Engineering: Military-Grade Sunwear (Part 2)

Another thing we love about Randolph Engineering sunglasses is the incredible quality of their construction.  While much of Ray-Ban’s manufacturing is now done in China, Randolph manufactures their eyewear in the USA (with the exception of the “P3,” which is made in Italy).  And it shows.  The solder joints are super-sturdy, to the extent that […]

Randolph Engineering: Military-Grade Sunwear (Part 1)

We get a lot of calls at the shop from customers inquiring about Ray-Ban frames.  The answer is simple: we don’t carry them. And there are a few good reasons why.  Over the next two posts, we’ll briefly discuss the matter. Reason #1:  Uniqueness and individuality are two major tenets of how Labrabbit operates, and […]