FRIDAY: Coyote’s 31st Birthday Sale SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Closed

While the majority of Wicker Park and the Ukrainian Village heads home for the holidays this weekend, we’ll be holding down the fort in Chicago. ¬†We’ll still be working hard, prepping for the last week of “Flex Spending Season,” as December is known in the optical industry…but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little […]

This Thursday: Vogue For Tots 5 @ Berlin!

In this day and age, and especially during the holiday season, remembering “community” is of utmost importance. ¬†December is typically a crazy month for those of us in the optical industry, but we couldn’t say no when the Stardust crew asked us to participate in the 5th Annual Vogue For Tots event. This charity event […]

Now open every Saturday!

You asked for it, you got it: We’re now open seven days a week! Coyote will still be out of the shop on Saturdays, but Ashley will be holding down the fort while he’s away. If you need any eyewear adjustments, measurements or lens-crafting, please drop in while Coyote is on duty. See you soon!