Now in stock: Globe Specs!

Labrabbit is proud to introduce our latest brand: Globe Specs!  Handmade in Japan using cellulose acetate, titanium, and cobalt alloys, these vintage-inspired frames represent the very essence of “classic.”  Globe Specs is regarded as one of the finest eyewear shops in Tokyo, and we are honored to stock pieces from three mini-collections: Globe Specs x Rugged Factory, Globe Specs x United Arrows, and “The Barracks” (Globe Specs x Jay Sabatino x Beauty + Youth).  Labrabbit is one of only two shops in the USA allowed to stock these exclusive, beautifully crafted frames.  Check out the video + photos below for a taste of the Globe Specs aesthetic:

The World of Globe Specs from Jake Davis on Vimeo.


Best of Chicago 2013 + Point of View

The people have spoken!  Labrabbit was voted “Best Eyewear Shop” in the Chicago Reader for the third straight year, many thanks to all who voted for us.  There are changes and surprises a plenty in the coming months, so stay tuned!


…And the best only continues to get better with the addition of our latest brand, Point of View.  Designed and handcrafted in Istanbul by our friends at RVS Eyewear, this daring 22-piece collection runs the gamut from classic aviators, to stylized cateyes, to futuristic stunna shades.  Incredible shapes, all made from Mazzucchelli acetate in a variety of unusual colors and patterns.  We’re always on the hunt for unique, emerging brands with a fresh voice, and Labrabbit is honored to stock these fantastic shades.

Introducing: Reiz Eyewear

We’d like to introduce the latest addition to our growing family of contemporary brands: Reiz Eyewear. Handmade in Germany, Reiz exhibits a super clean, contemporary look, while avoiding the pitfalls of overbearing, harsh geometries. Versatile shapes and muted colorways make these frames highly accessible to all, without being generic. Many of their designs utilize “M49,” a new eco-friendly acetate that’s recyclable and biodegradable without losing the aesthetic and functional advantages of traditional cellulose acetate.  Labrabbit is the only shop outside of the two coasts to carry this collection in the USA, making it a proud addition to our roster. Drop by and check them out!

Best of Chicago ’13 + Aframes

Game on! The Chicago Reader is hosting their annual “Best of Chicago” competition and we need your help!  Please vote for Labrabbit in the “Best Eyewear” category, the ballot can be found here.  This tiny shop won in 2011 and 2012, which means it’ll be a “three-peat” if Labrabbit can win again this year.  There are lots of categories, but you can vote in as many or as few as you like.  Big thanks in advance, we can do this!

We’re happy to introduce the latest arrival to our growing family of brands: Aframes Eyewear!  Designed locally and handmade in Istanbul by our friends at RVS Eyewear, classic styles and bold geometries go head-to-head in this exciting new collection.  And Aframes is a brand with a purpose: 5% of each sale is donated directly to Helen Keller International to fund the manufacturing and distribution of vitamin A supplements in Africa and Asia.  Vitamin A deficiency is the #1 cause of childhood blindness, and every frame sold helps save the sight and lives of three children.  Drop by the shop and check these frames out in person!