Randolph Engineering: Military-Grade Sunwear (Part 1)

We get a lot of calls at the shop from customers inquiring about Ray-Ban frames.  The answer is simple: we don’t carry them. And there are a few good reasons why.  Over the next two posts, we’ll briefly discuss the matter.

Reason #1:  Uniqueness and individuality are two major tenets of how Labrabbit operates, and we work hard to find frames that you won’t find anywhere else.  Most of the brands we carry are unavailable elsewhere in Chicago, with some being available at only a handful of shops nationwide.  We feel that the Ray-Ban brand is played-out, as it’s readily available at every Lenscrafters and Sunglass Hut in the country. However, we can make a number of recommendations that will keep you ahead of the style pack, while still maintaining a classic cool. For metal aviator frames, check out Randolph Engineering’s sturdy sunwear.  Below are a few examples of their handiwork.  Many more to come…